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The Amherstburg Freedom Museum tells the story of African-Canadians’ journey and contributions, by preserving and presenting artifacts that educate and inspire. The museum was founded by Amherstburg resident Melvin “Mac” Simpson, on the belief that social, economic and educational issues would be better addressed by a society with greater knowledge and pride in its own history.  After over 40 years of service, and with generous support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government sources, the Amherstburg Freedom Museum continues to be a national symbol of courage, determination and freedom.

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Africans brought to N. America (1600-1850)


Number of people who perished on slaving ships


People freed by the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies (1834)


African American’s who escaped to freedom in Canada

Our Mandate

The Amherstburg Freedom Museum is a non-profit curated archive that that tells Amherstburg’s stories of the Underground Railroad and African-Canadians’ journey and contributions, by preserving and presenting artifacts that educate and inspire.

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  • “Historic, well done” They have done a very good job of restoring this church and stop on the Underground Railroad. You will learn a LOT you didn't know about slavery in Canada and the US, and much more about African contributions to Canadian history.

    Bill D.
  • An essential piece of North American history We visit the Amherstburg area every 2-3 years to visit family. We have been going to this site before it was actually a museum. I wish it was promoted as much as the fort. It is sad it was such a struggle for funding to get it going, when this is such an important part of our history. We love this museum - it is an eye opener, both haunting and inspiring. I highly recommend this to all Canadians and international visitors to Amherstburg. It is part of a black history tour you can do in the area.

    Denise P.
  • “Underground Railway - find out about this historic route to freedom” The museum helped me learn about the Underground Railway, a piece of North American history that is so important. The communities along the Railway migration path in both the US and Canada that helped to get thousands to freedom are spotlighted. There are videos with interviews from family members of people that found their freedom. Quite amazing. The museum isn't flashy, but if you take your time to absorb the artifacts, photos, maps and videos, you'll be glad to have improved your understanding of this key escape route and coordination between so many friends along the way.

    Sherry S.
  • “EXCELLENT!” I accompanied my youngest daughter here on a School Trip. It was FANTASTIC to say the least! Plentiful knowledge, and an AWESOME tour. SO MUCH history here! I HIGHLY recommend visiting this Museum. Definitely worth the stop!

    Mike H

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